Do You Want to Scale Your Business?

But you don’t know where to start?

This is how we help you

  • In the first 100 days we take stock of where you are and what needs to happen first
  • We work with you to build a business strategy and a plan that will take you where you want to go – 90 days at a time


  • We help you the business owner get back in control of your own time
Every business starts from a different place, so the first thing we do is work out where you are, and what needs to happen first.

The first 100 days are all about putting the foundations in place that will allow your business to scale. We work with you to identify the things that need attention first, things that will start giving us a problem as soon as the business gets bigger.

We also take stock of your involvement in the business, and give you strategies that will start to free your time up and will make sure you are focussed on the activities in the business where you add most value.

One of the tools we use is the Appleby Consulting and Coaching Business Health Check. If you want a head start you can take the health check now. Its Free, and there’s no obligation.

Would you like an experienced CFO to act as your Business Advisor and help you move your business to the next level?

Is Your Business Taking You Where You Want To Go?

Do you struggle to get everything done each day? Do you find it tough to prioritise? Do you feel like your business owns you?

You probably haven’t had a decent break for a while, and you might feel as though you can’t remember what your friends look like.

So, do you wish you had someone who could advise you? Someone who could kick you up the backside? Help you get the right things done?

Then, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

We help you get stuff done, the right stuff that moves you in the right direction.  It’s that simple. Plus, with Appleby Consulting & Coaching you get a coach who is a qualified Chartered Accountant and who understands business finances, cashflow and profitability. Do you want a trusted business advisor who does more than just submit your accounts and deal with your taxes? Who works with you as your finance business partner?

Our goal is to help you achieve yours and help you without adding to your cash issues.

At Appleby Consulting & Coaching we are practical and down to earth. We won’t give you flowery business theory, nor will we massage your ego.  We tell it like it is, so you’ll get honesty and someone to help you get the right things done, to move you and your business forward. You’ll get a finance professional helping you regularly, and not just when the accounts are due. Together we’ll work out what your goals are, what the plan is and most importantly I’ll stay with you to keep you on track, focussed on where you want to get to.

Stop driving your business around aimlessly in a circle hoping you’ll work out where you’re going and book a free consultation today. Lets spend 25 minutes working out how we can work together.

There are three steps to working with us

Step 1 - Lets fix a time for a chat

Lets fix a time for an initial free coaching session where we can discuss your business situation and find out whether we are a good fit for each other.

You can book online here


Step 2 - Lets talk about where you want to go

We usually use Zoom for our initial free coaching sessions. We spend 25 minutes discussing your aspirations, understanding where you want to take your business, and exploring how we can best help.

Its important to understand whether we are right for each other, and this initial call gives us both the opportunity to explore whether a longer term relationship will work.

Step 3 - Take Our Free Business Health Check

As well as a free 25 minute call we also provide a free Business Health Check. The Health Check provides an initial assessment of your business and guides you to the areas of the business you need to change first. Its often useful to take the health check before we have the 25 minute coaching call so that we can have a more informed discussion. You can take the health check at any time by following this link

Growing a successful business is a big challenge.


The challenge can overwhelm you at times. Scaling, and moving your business to the next level can be frustrating and incredibly lonely.

If you’ve just read this and thought “yes, that’s me”, then I’m pleased to meet you and I can help…

I’m Kevin Appleby. Managing Director of Appleby Consulting & Coaching.

I work with company directors and business owners who feel overwhelmed with all there is to do in their businesses and need support from a trusted business advisor. I help you identify your top priorities and put plans and strategies in place that can move you forward.


I’m an experienced CFO, mentor and coach. I’ve worked with both blue chip companies and family businesses. I’m also a Chartered Accountant, so I bring a wide portfolio of business skills and use my understanding of the numbers behind the business to become your finance business partner. I give solid, evidence based, advice.

I know what it feels like. I’ve worked in leadership roles in corporate organisations and I know all the challenges that this brings. I’ve also been involved in a number of family businesses. I know what it means to have the sleepless nights. I’ve woken up feeling stressed about cash, not knowing if theres enough money to make payroll or pay the rent. I’ve worried about how to generate more sales, and how to hit the targets that take the business to the next level.

I know all about the daily dilemma of making time to do the things that will move your business forward. I’ve experienced first hand the overwhelm that this creates. I’ve had that horrible feeling of not knowing what to do next, even when theres lots to do.

One problems is that when its your own business you are too close to the action. You can’t see the wood from the trees, and you can’t be objective. You need someone to help and advise you. Someone who can empathise, but who also has the right experience and knowledge.

Why do you need a trusted business advisor?

There are very few successful individuals out there whether in business or sporting environments who don’t have a coach.

  • Who do you bounce your ideas off?
  • Who holds you accountable?
  • Who buys you a bottle of fizz and says “well done” when you achieve your goals?
  • In fact, what are you goals? What are the things that really matter to you, that you’re working towards step-by-step each day?

Where are you right now? Are you on the path you hoped you would be when you first started your business? Who brings all those thoughts and ideas you have into a clear activity plan based on where you want to get to?

If you want:

  • a safe environment where you can be honest and clear about what you want to achieve
  • to understand where you are now and where you want to get to
  • help devising a realistic activity plan that will help provide you with a path to follow
  • to ensure that your plan involves all the aspects of your life and the underlying reasons for these based on your values
  • to manage your time effectively so you get more done of the right things allowing you to work towards all the goals in your life, not just financial ones
  • to keep those promises you keep making yourself but always break
  • accountability to move you forwards one step at a time towards your goals
  • to connect with experts in all kinds of fields from administrative support to website construction
  • honest feedback and to hear how things really are. If you want your ego pandered to, I’m probably not the right person for you to work with!

Most importantly if you want help to make sure you Implement your ideas by supporting you, pushing you, cajoling you and figuratively kicking you up the backside when needed, to keep you on track

How do we work together?

Your support begins with a ‘Kick Start’ meeting where we will:

  • Work out what your true goals are
  • Decide how best to support you in the way that suits you best
  • Decide what is the appropriate level of investment that won’t leave you feeling pressured

You’ll then receive support through a mixture of the following:

Accountability Calls.  These will either be by Skype or on the phone; whatever we decide will be more effective. They can be as frequent as you feel you need. I’ll keep you on track and make sure you’re implementing the right things.

Face to Face Meetings.  During these we’ll check your progress against your goals, plan the next several weeks and work through any challenges.

The best results will come from supporting you in the way that is most appropriate for you, not me.

I only have space to work with a small number of clients. I don’t want to overextend myself or devalue what I deliver to you. You’ll therefore be part of a select group of smart people that get the best I have to offer, with no compromise.

You don’t get tied into minimum length contracts, just a one month notice period  if you want to stop working with me.

You also have my promise that if you don’t feel you’ve had value in any given month (you must have acted on any advice given) then I’ll work with you free for the next month to rectify things.

Book a call and let’s have a chat. I don’t bite, nor will I push you into anything – promise!

Are you ready to take the next step and arrange a free 25 minute coaching call?

Make an appointment using our online booking system