Welcome to your Business Health Check - SME Employing a Team

The Business Health Check - SME Employing a Team will present you with 40 questions covering 8 key areas in your business. Theses require you to choose one of 5 possible answers ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree.

Please answer all the questions as honestly as possible.

After each question you can optionally enter comments. Any information you provide will be useful both to yourself as a reminder of why you gave a particular answer, and to me as I analyse the results and give you detailed feedback.

Which industry group best represents your business?
Your own estimate for strategy and planning (marks out of 10)
Your own estimate for sales and marketing (marks out of 10)
Your own estimate for profitability and cashflow (marks out of 10)
Your own estimate for people and processes (marks out of 10)
I have a clear vision of where my business is heading in the next 3-5 years and it aligns with my personal goals

I have an up to date business plan and I use this regularly to check my progress

I have sufficient time to do everything that is required of me in my business and to bring my business plans to fruition

When I set my business up I had a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve, and the business has developed in line with this

I use a number of metrics both financial and non financial to measure the performance of my business and these allow me to make timely decisions.

I understand the financial numbers and feel completely supported in the financial management of my business

My accountant gives me quality business advice on a regular basis, and provides much more than an annual tax and account preparation service

I fully understand the unit cost of each of my products and services and use this to make informed business decisions

Cashflow is one of my biggest concerns, I frequently worry that there are insufficient funds to meet business needs

My book keeping is up to date, suppliers invoices are paid promptly and I have strong credit control

Sales revenue and profitability has increased year on year in each of the last 3 years (or since the business was formed, if less than 3 years)

Marketing is one of the key strengths of my business, and we generate sufficient business leads

Sales is one of the key strengths of my business, and I have no problem turning leads into sales

My marketing is unique and makes me stand out from my competitors

My business has a unique selling proposition and this is shared with and understood by my team

I have defined my ideal customer, I can empathise with him, and I have a good understanding of his needs and desires

My business has a portfolio of customers with no one customer representing more than 15% of sales

I know which of my customers are the most profitable and that drive my business success

Most of my marketing spend is targeted on acquiring new customers

Most of my new customers are referred to me by existing or previous customers

We generally get things right first time and do not suffer from mistakes or a significant level of rework

My business processes are fully documented and are operated consistently in line with the documentation

Wherever possible my business processes are automated or computerised and operate effectively

I have an accurate and up to date database of customers and prospects which gives me the information I need

My IT systems are effective and enable the business to operate efficiently

Every member of my team is empowered and  has the environment, resources and training to  operate to his or her full potential

If I lost a key member of my team I could easily replace them and this would not have a negative effect on the business

Every member of my team is encouraged to participate with business ideas and suggestions

My team sees change as positive and are always ready for a new challenge

My business has a clear mission statement that is shared and understood by my team and is reflected every aspect of the business

I am clear on my end game (or exit strategy) for my business and I'm on track to achieve it

My business has the ability to generate all the money I need to live the lifestyle I desire

My business allows me sufficient freedom to pursue everything that I want, I have sufficient time for friends, family and leisure activities

Im able to manage all my business affairs without them causing undue stress

My business energises me and gives me all the fulfilment I hoped it would when I set it up

My business is reliant on me, and would suffer significantly if I was absent for a prolonged period

All my business records are regularly backed up and stored in a remote and secure location

I have an effective and tested disaster recovery plan that will allow me to continue to trade in an emergency

I have identified the key business risks I'm likely to face and have mitigated against these

My intellectual property is protected and I won't suffer significantly from a copycat business

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