Training and development

Going from good to great is all about getting the most from your people. Success very rarely happens by accident. If you examine a truly successful company, at its heart you will invariably find well trained and highly motivated managers and staff. We specialise in training staff in the tools and techniques that we employ within client assignments so that your staff are equipped to drive the business forward. Smaller businesses in particular can’t afford to spend precious cash on big consultancy fees, so instead we can upskill your own people and reduce the level of our direct support.

Training can take on many forms, from classroom sessions, through distance learning to one on one coaching, and we are able to tailor training to suit the needs of your people. Our consultants have delivered publicly available training events and training courses to meet the needs of individual clients.

We provide training in all the things that we deliver as a consultancy and in a number of other management skills as well. These include:

  • Leadership & executive coaching
  • Goal setting, productivity and time management
  • Report writing and presentation skills
  • Better budgeting
  • Cost management
  • Implementing performance measurement
  • Managing change

Contact us to discuss how we can deliver support tailored to the needs of your people