Building a business case

A compelling business case is essential to securing support for investment or change. Stakeholders need to know what the proposals are all about, and the business case should justify their support. We can work with you to develop business plans and investment appraisals, whether you are a new entrepreneur or a major corporation.

Besides working with individuals to nurture new business ventures, our consultants have worked on some of the largest  public sector infrastructure projects building business cases for major investment projects in health, transport and defence. As such we have detailed understanding of HM Treasury and OGC requirements.

Typically we will use the 5 case model and produce:-

  • A strategic case, outlining the outcome required from the investment
  • An options appraisal, looking at the alternative approaches that may meet the outcome, and the relative costs and benefice of each, recommending a preferred option
  • A financial case, primarily aimed at investors, showing the funding requirements and the likely cash flows and profitability of the preferred option
  • Where a major procurement is planned, we would outline procurement plans and strategy to ensure these are appropriate, and
  • A deliverability assessment, to provide some assurance that appropriate practical plans are in place to deliver the outcome and realise the benefits.

We know from experience that businesses often fail to deliver the promises made in the business case, so we work with clients to embed the business change and develop benefits management tools and systems that will reduce the likelihood of this taking place.

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