Performance Dashboards

Proactive performance management is key to going from good to great. Setting the right performance measures that drive behaviour is critical. In our experience if a business has an objective and it isn’t properly measured it is never achieved. We believe in visual management, where things that are key to the organisation’s success are displayed clearly and understood across the organisation. Performance Metrics are a key part of visual management and the right measures with appropriate targets become a very powerful management tool.

The performance dashboard is relevant to every level of the organisation. A dashboard for the board should be focussed on achieving business strategy, and cascaded into dashboards for departments and teams. As these cascade the focus of measures will change from primarily strategic to mainly operational measures.

There are many software packages to enable measurement, and to provide highly visual representations of data. The data must be meaningful, and where most organisations fail is by measuring the wrong things.

We can work with you, using tried and tested techniques, to understand your business goals and identify the things you need to get right to achieve them. From this we can identify key measures that are designed so that you focus the things that will have both the biggest impact on achieving your goals and the greatest ability to drive action amongst your people.

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